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Faithful Living and The Presence of God

At LWTGC you will experience the spirit of God while you worship. When we worship God, we must worship in spirit and in truth, by doing so we usher in the spirit of Christ to come in a powerful way.

The Worship Team provides a very important part in the worship experience- whether it is for Sunday and mid-week services, special events, conferences, or itinerate ministry.


Worship Team- We have a team of skilled and anointed worshippers that are committed to worshipping God in spirit and truth through the use of their gifts as soloists, ensemble and choir singers, musicians, dancers, and dramatic actors.

Media/Sound Ministries- People who are committed to enhancing the worship experience for the church attendee and capturing that same experience so that the masses can hear and receive the Word of God. The Audio, Presentation and Lighting/Sound Departments support all aspects of the Sunday services, conferences, and special events, while the Video Department is committed to supporting the local and national television broadcast.

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