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There are four phases to the Living Word Home program. 

  • Phase 1 Intake- Rules and regulations are explained to the individual during orientation. If the person desires to participate, personal data is recorded, a bed is assigned, and detoxification begins. 

  • Phase 2 Program- In this phase the person is involved daily in a scheduled regimen; Bible study, prayer, devotional, chapel service, and discipleship. He /She is taught how to develop positive character traits as well as life and family skills. ​

  • Phase 3 Pre-Outpatient- As the person develops an indisputable character and forms a positive attitude in his/her everyday activities, he/she may be eligible for a short-term, overnight, or possibly a weekend pass. 

  • Phase 4 Outpatient- There are four re-entry channels into society: 

  •    Job placement 

  •    Higher or continuing education 

  •    Vocational trade 

  •     Ministerial 

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