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The commitment of the staff and leadership at Living Word Christian Home of Arkansas & Dallas is at the heart of what makes us a living, thriving ministry. They are dedicated to serving the community and strengthening the impact of people’s lives.

Joseph Miranda

 I would like to give Jesus Christ; All the Honor and Praise for the Salvation of my soul, and for forgiving me of my many sins. I was born in San Jose, CA. and when I was 16 years old, I relocated to Alaska, As a young man I used Meth after trying Meth, I became addicted and was hooked to Meth over 20 years of my life, Within my addiction, I had became a Monster; I was In and Out of prison, Also contributing to destroying other lives that surrounded me, Till one day in Prison in Alaska, I showed up to an Bible Study; Where the seed of Jesus Christ and redemption was planted, Jesus Christ had called me out from the darkness and brought me into His marvelous Light in His Kingdom., I Thank God for bringing me to Living Word True Gospel Christian Men's Home, where I began to change my life for the better, began to form a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and reach other people that need help with there addiction. I now serve along side My Spiritual father and pastor, To Reach Others, Teach the Word of God, Mend what has been broken, and Send out others to do the same.

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Christopher Mincey

Hello my name is Christopher Mincey, I want to say first, Thank you Jesus for saving my life. I was raised in my grandfather's church, for which He was a preacher, for which I was introduced to Jesus at an early age. But even with knowing who God and Jesus Christ was, I still went down the path of Alcohol, Deception, Sex , Pride, Selfishness and Lies. I became so bond, i had lost my relationship due to these self issues, I began to ruin my relationship with the ones who loved me the most;( My family, friends and parents) I use Alcohol and Sex as a coping mechanism to help the pain i was feeling. But one day, after running, God finally stop me in my tracks, where I could only depend and rely on Him. He took away all the people in my life, that was hindering me., So I entered into the Living Word Christian Home for Men and when I cried out to the Lord, I felt a since of relief and the weight I was feeling lifted, I began to form a personal relationship with Jesus Christ asking the Holy Spirit to be my Guide and anchor, Asking Jesus Christ to Forgive me, repairing my relationship with my children, parents and becoming the spiritual role model, God intended me to be. My relationship with my children is better, My Son was baptized and Jesus Christ is moving swiftly in my life and the lives around me.

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