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The Vision

Mission in Evangelism

To Know Jesus, To Make Him Known to a Lost World, To Make Disciples, To Preach The Gospel to the Drug Addict, Gang Member, Criminal Minded and Anyone Lost, To Plant Homes, Churches, Drop-Inn Centers in every crime-infested neighbors for the Lost and their families.

Reaching- people in  our communities through evangelism.

Teaching- God's word through discipleship

Mending- The hearts of families

Sending- Those of ours in their God given potential

The transforming presence of God will distinguish the environment at LWTGC, creating a climate of worship, the Word of God, and a community of believers that provide quality ministries. These ministries will equip and mobilize believers to extend the kingdom of God, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Our goal is to be a church, where thousands of lives will be changed and saved through Jesus Christ. Where people lives grow and build a stronger love relationship with Christ. That through this life changing relationship, people begin to see the world differently and respond to everyone with love, just as Christ loves us. 

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